Amy is teacher, performer and choreographer based out of Calgary, AB. She has a Minor of Dance from the University of Calgary. The summer of 2016, she traveled to New York City and attended the Ladies of Hip Hop Festival. Seeing the birthplace of Hip Hop inspired Amy to continue learning the foundations of the culture. Amy has since continued her training in Hip Hop, House and Funk styles, traveling to New York and Los Angeles learning from pioneers and creators of the dances. Amy is also interested in contemporary forms of movement and most recently presented her work at the 2018 IGNITE! Festival. Amy is passionate about teaching and creating supportive and inclusive dance environments, and invites individuals of all abilities, levels, and ages to come dance!




Amy is active in the dance community teaching, battling, cyphering and performing. Check out clips of her most recent projects.





Amy is passionate about making dance accessible. Her goal is to create environments that emphasize community, compassion and capability. Classes are open to all ages and abilities, with a special effort to make the dance classes available to people who have reduced access to recreation opportunities.