FREE Community Dance Classes!


Free dance classes! Please send me a message if you would like take part. These classes are sponsored by Developmental Disabilites Resouce Centre. This organization so graciously opened up their classes to allow for anyone in the community to join in the joy of dance and movement. If you would like to start up a dance class in your community, let’s colalborate. I truely believe that everybody and every body can dance, and aim to create spaces that are accessbile and inviting. I have over 7 years experience working in the fields of addiction, mental health, disability and social justice. I work from a pedagogy that utilizes both community development and dance practices.

Dance is many things — a way to communicate and express, a way to connect to one’s self and to others. Dance and movement is an embodied way of engaging with the world. All senses are used during movement explorations. “Dance is a physical art form using the human body both as an instrument and as a thinking medium” (Kidd, 1998). Moving together is not just an image of togetherness, but is fully an embodied sense of community. Our physicality in the dance space provides an alternative way of being in the world. In the dance space we move free and expressive.